September 22, 2009

Car Completes Cross-Country Tour on Algae Fuel

Posted by John Davis – September 20th, 2009

algaeusA car that is part Prius Hybrid, part algae-biodiesel burner, has completed a 3,750-mile trip from San Francisco to New York City… the first cross-country trip running on a blend of algae-based gasoline in an unmodified engine.

This press release from Sapphire Energy
, the company that provided the green fuel, says the trip by the Alageus (Algae+Prius, get it?) took 10 days and could mark the start of a green age:

The Algaeus represents a tangible peek into the very near future. Sapphire Energy provided the fuel, containing a mixture of hydrocarbons refined directly from algae-based Green Crude and extracted through Sapphire’s proprietary process. The vehicle is based on a 2008 Toyota Prius that has been given an added battery pack, a plug and an advanced energy management system. The Algaeus got an average of 147 mpg city in PHEV (plug in electric hybrid) mode and 52mpg highway in hybrid mode on the cross country tour.

“America has the opportunity to usher in a new, prosperous Green Age, by moving from ‘black’ to ‘green’ crude, while bettering the environment and solidifying energy security,” describes Jason Pyle, Sapphire Energy CEO. “We have all that we need at home to produce fuels from algae at a commercial scale in just a few years. The Algaeus is an example of a better solution that is domestically produced and climate friendly.”

joshtickellThe trip was sponsored by the Veggie Van Organization, the group founded by movie producer and biodiesel advocate Josh Tickell that is dedicated to moving the country away from petroleum. The trip was also to celebrate the nationwide opening of Tickell’s film FUEL, which aims to inspire green energy solution thinking, such as the Algaeus.

Tickell split time behind the wheel with FUEL Producer, Rebecca Harrell.

“It flew up the mountain passes in Utah and Wyoming, was fast on the straight-aways, and zipped around cities with gusto,” said Tickell. The duo recorded no loss in engine power, speed or acceleration with the small engine easily producing up to 20 kW of power.

The Algaeus is now headed on a college educational tour with an interactive classroom retrofit “Green Energy Bus,” the Veggie Van Organization and the FUEL team.

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