March 19, 2012

World Biofuels Markets Opens with Debates on Aviation, Food Versus Fuel, Algae, Waste-to-Fuel, Emerging Markets and more

More than 1,500 delegates converge on Rotterdam to address global energy issues across the three day

A round up of three intense days of networking and insightful conference sessions at Europe's largest congress & Exhibition

"Biofuels continue to grow in importance as the rising price of oil impacts every aspect of the global economy, so today's sessions covering the latest in aviation, sustainability, and investments were critical to finding solution to our global energy needs,"


tyre equipment said...

They say bio fuels are just a new clean source of energy but when watching the documentary about this, it really just as the same as other fuel types.

Energy Management said...

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Enterprise Used Cars said...

It's very encouraging to see individuals from various fields coming together in order to discuss pertinent issues related to biofuels. Greener fuels means a cleaner planet.