July 27, 2009


Greener Dawn Research, specializing in clean tech equity research, publishes its first institutional report on algae based biofuels. The report examines the opportunities and challenges of the nascent industry, and features insight on the eight major algae-to-fuel companies nearing commercialization. The eight profiled companies include Algenol, Aurora, Livefuels, PetroAlgae (OTCBB:PALG), Sapphire, Seambiotic, Solix, and Solazyme. The report addresses the key question - “Can algae based biofuels compete as a substitute to fossil fuel based crude oil?”

Algae are aquatic plant-like organisms that can grow much faster than any other crops or plants. In addition, algae can grow on marginal, non-arable land, leaving quality farm land available for food production. These two factors help algae biofuels avoid the bitter food versus fuel debate.

“To grow enough corn to produce a sufficient amount of ethanol to replace petroleum, the U.S. would need to plant corn on roughly one-third the total land area of the country. To grow enough soy to generate sufficient biodiesel, the U.S. would need to plant more than the entire land area of this country,” said George Santana, Greener Dawn Director of Research. “Algae biofuel would require the land area of just Wisconsin to replace petroleum. Due to increased productivity, algae based fuel has the potential to be a revolutionary breakthrough.”

With cap and trade, carbon taxes, and the World Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December 2009 as issues at the forefront of the current administration, algae may offer a new tool in the fight against carbon dioxide production, the primary contributor to climate change. Studies show algae consume 2.2 times its weight in carbon dioxide while burning fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide. Placing algae farms next to coal plants is being looked at as a viable option.

“We are in a very historic time as the United States undergoes a paradigm shift across numerous sectors. Renewable energy is here to stay and will change the way we generate and consume energy across our nation,” said Courtland D. Weisleder, President of Greener Dawn Investment Group. “As the different renewable energy sources jockey for position, it is important to focus on algae’s Biofuel Yield (gallons of fuel/ acre). Algae are estimated at 5,000 gallons per acre with the next closest crop at 800. Greener Dawn’s sole focus on clean technology is making us an active leader in Research and Investment Banking in this sector.”

The 15 page Overview of the 70 page report can be viewed: http://www.greenerdawninvestmentgroup.com/research/

About Greener Dawn Research

Greener Dawn was founded on the belief that we are in the very early stages of a transformation to a more energy efficient, lower-carbon global economy. We are equity analysts focused on the renewable energy and clean technology sectors, publishing research for our institutional investor subscribers.

We monitor the following industry verticals:

  • Energy generation, including solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, ocean and tidal power;
  • Biofuels;
  • Energy storage;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Energy infrastructure; and
  • Smart grid technologies.

Greener Dawn Investment Group (GDIG), of which Greener Dawn Research is a part, is a privately held company providing equity research and investment banking services, with a focus on companies in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors. The Research division publishes equity research for an institutional investor audience. The Investment Banking team provides financial advisory services to emerging growth private and public companies. GDIG participates in hosting corporate leadership meetings and industry events in the alternative energy and clean tech sectors, building relationships with public policy thought leaders, and maintaining open lines of communication with various members of the alternative energy community - academic leaders, environmental policy makers, businesses, and consultants. This participation at the ground level gives them a deeper insight into the industry, broadening their knowledge and improving their research and investment banking efforts.

Greener Dawn Inc. focuses on energy and water efficiency, LEED consulting, energy audits, and carbon strategies for Residential and Commercial real estate. They focus on the holistic approach to making an asset more sustainable by lower operating expenses, creating green collar jobs, and reducing the carbon footprint. Homeowners, municipalities, asset managers, and building owners are their clients.

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