Everyone in the room believes that algae is the next big thing. A cleaner alternative to what we fill up with now and a better solution to things like corn based fuels.

You may have heard big names like Continental airlines are already involved in experimenting with jet engines that run on algae.

But, now small companies are working on ways to make algae work in your car- like the Cyclone engine developed by Harry Schoell.

The South Florida based inventor is at the conference showing off his engines that runs "on any fuel" even ones derived from orange peels. But, it's its compatibility with algae that's getting all the attention.

Schoell says his engine can get the same gas mileage that the engine in your car, and a gallon of algae fuel, would today, run about a doll per gallon.

So will your car run on this anytime soon? That likely depends on something else that's green- money.