March 19, 2012

W2 Energy Initiates Plans to Develop Two Acres of Recently Purchased Property for its Algae Bio Reactor

Development Of Its Patent Pending SunFilter To Expand Plans To Market Food, Nutraceutical and Bio- Fuel Markets

GUELPH, Ontario, March 15, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- W2 Energy, Inc. WTWO +4.14% is pleased to announce that it has begun procedures for the development of its recently purchased property for the purpose of utilizing its patent pending algae bio reactor the SunFilter.

As previously reported, W2 Energy made a patent application for its SunFilter algae bio reactor in March 2010. The SunFilter is a low cost, scalable reactor that has high productivity capabilities. It also uses less water, has less harmful contamination and maximizes the sequestering of carbon dioxide and other feed gases. The SunFilter is W2 Energy's second generation model and has optimum light distribution because of the diameter of the tubes and its novel construction. The modular system can be built from one unit (cell) to multiple units occupying many acres.

Plans call for the initial construction of six 5,000 sq. ft. greenhouses for the purpose of using the SunFilter to farm, harvest and distribute nutraceutical grade algae for the food, health and bio-fuel markets. Algae will be cultivated from the CO2 generated by the combustion laboratory that is currently being manufactured.

In a press release dated June 10, 2011, W2 Energy reported that it had begun construction of its new combustion laboratory and installed a NT Plasmatron system running a 50 Kilowatt steam ray which will be fed by bio mass as a feed stock. The CO2 gases emitted from the combustion laboratory will be used as fuel to farm the high grade algae.

To date, billions of dollars are being spent on virtually every continent for the research and development of algae. Algae, a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, is mostly known for its rich content in nutrients and oil, as well as, its food and health benefits. However, most recently, algae has been looked at as a source of bio-fuel.

Recently, President Obama talked with students at the University of Miami about algae as potentially one of the most productive ways to address our fuel needs as the price of gas continues to rise.

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In the U.S., a national alliance of scientists led by a U.S. Dept. of Energy national lab is focusing on producing bio-crude oil from algae. Experiments aimed at producing bio-fuel from algae are currently being conducted worldwide because algae can be cultivated anywhere and grow very quickly.

In January 2012, The Munich Technical University (TUM) in Germany announced the development of a new catalytic process that they say allows the effective conversion of bio-petroleum from microalgae into diesel fuels. The process was presented in the most recent issue of the German journal Angewandte Chemie (Applied Chemistry).

Mike McLaren, W2 Energy President and CEO, stated, "We are very pleased with the progress we have made with our SunFilter algae bio reactor system. A tremendous effort has been made by our engineers to insure that we have both the ability and opportunity to tap into the multi-billion dollar algae industry. Upon completion of this project, we are confident that this segment of our business will not only have a positive impact on our company, but will eventually lead us to new prosperous business ventures." He also stated, "Right now we have several exciting projects in sight for the near future and we look forward to keeping our shareholders abreast as these situations unfold."

The Company plans on funding the project through a combination debt and equity financing.

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About W2 Energy:

W2 Energy, Inc. develops renewable energy technologies and applies it to new generation power systems. Specifically, W2 Energy's plasma assisted biomass to energy plants utilize state of the art technologies to produce green energy both fuel (sulfur free diesel) and electricity at the most efficient cost in capital investment and production per/barrel, per/Megawatt. W2 Energy, Inc. has seasoned management, cutting edge technology and owns a large technology portfolio of patents and know-how that has been extensively validated and ready for commercial production.

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World Biofuels Markets Opens with Debates on Aviation, Food Versus Fuel, Algae, Waste-to-Fuel, Emerging Markets and more

More than 1,500 delegates converge on Rotterdam to address global energy issues across the three day

A round up of three intense days of networking and insightful conference sessions at Europe's largest congress & Exhibition

"Biofuels continue to grow in importance as the rising price of oil impacts every aspect of the global economy, so today's sessions covering the latest in aviation, sustainability, and investments were critical to finding solution to our global energy needs,"

Future in Review Names Heliae a FiRe X FiReStarter

FRIDAY HARBOR, WA, Mar 19, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Strategic News Service is proud to announce that Heliae has been selected as a 2012 FiReStarter company to be featured at its tenth annual Future in Review (FiRe) technology conference. FiReStarter companies are selected based on their potential to bring positive change to the world, and are showcased during the conference both at an exclusive investor reception and in panels throughout the event.

Heliae is developing and designing cost-effective technology solutions that will enable sustainable industrial-scale production of food, fuel, and bio-chemicals from algae. As innovators and integrators of technology, their processes will help companies worldwide convert free sunlight and industrial waste streams into the affordable, renewable food and drop-in transportation fuels that our growing world requires.

"We're very pleased to have been selected as a FiReStarter company," said Daniel Simon, Heliae President and CEO. "Heliae's mission dovetails neatly with FiRe in our aim to drive technology innovation that translates into positive global change. We're eager to be involved with FiRe and look forward to offering a timely perspective on the role algae can play in meeting some of society's most pressing needs."

Future in Review is an annual gathering of world-class thought leaders in technology and economics. FiRe attendees convene each year with the goal of using technology to solve major world problems, a goal that is consistently met through FiRe's collaboration across disparate industries and through active support by the FiRe community. Now in its tenth year, Future in Review 2012 will take place May 22-25th at the beautiful Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California. The Economist calls FiRe "the best technology conference in the world."

"We have been looking for a firm like Heliae for a long time. Their approach to linking bio systems to commercial demand may well be the model that brings this long-held dream of systems balance and commerce to a profitable conclusion," said Mark Anderson, FiRe Chair and SNS CEO.

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Strategic News Service was founded by Mark Anderson in 1995 as the first paid online news service. Since its inception, SNS has proven the most accurate predictive newsletter covering the computer and telecom industries. Its subscribers include top managers at technology companies across the globe, including Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco, Intel, Sun, Google, Telstra, Orange and others.

SNS has been operating the annual FiRe Conference for nine years. The Economist calls FiRe "the best technology conference in the world." FiRe exposes world experts and participants to new ideas, producing an accurate portrait of the future, and focuses on creating technology solutions to current local and global problems. FiRe 2012 will take place May 22-25, 2012 at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. For more information go to .

Future in Review(TM) is a Strategic News Service(TM) conference. Future in Review(TM) and Strategic News Service(TM) are registered international trademarks. The SNS newsletter is the most accurate publicly ranked predictive newsletter in computing and communications.

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