April 12, 2010

Going Green At Harley

Scientists all around the globe are trying to find new ways to power our cars and reduce our carbon emissions. Some students at the Harley School are doing the same thing!

Two students are looking towards the future. They are conducting an experiment to learn how to use algae to help save the planet.

"We hope to take the algae and then experiment with making it into biofuels," says Kevin Stottler, a Senior at Harley.

They are growing algae in ten tubes. They want to know which conditions are the best.

"With algae, we have just in a couple of weeks, grown from just a little drop of algae to a full tube of it," says Nathan Dobson Junior at Harley .

"We want to begin to look at the production of algae so we can incorporate the idea of a closed loop energy production in the science program," says the Head of School Tim Cottrell.

Once they figure out how to grow it fast, they can use it in a number of different ways.

"You can take this and squeeze it to extract oils and you can actually refine that into a gasoline substitute," Stottler says.

"There are cars these days that are converted to run on vegetable oil and we can run the car directly off algae oil," says Dobson.

It's an important lesson for these students, who will someday be the ones fueling our world.

"At some point in the future we'll run out of oil that we pump out of the ground and we'll have to find fuels in other ways," adds Cottrell.

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