October 9, 2009

Algae Movin’ On Up – On a High Rise, That Is

The next time you work for a company that goes bankrupt, consider pitching them this idea to generate income: an Eco-Pod. The Eco-Pod, designed by Howeler + Yoon Architecture and Squared Design Lab, is a cutting edge way to grow algae to be used to create fuel. The firm designed the concept as a way to help stimulate the economy and ecology of downtown Boston after famed clothing store Filene’s basement went bankrupt before completing the building of its newest location.

Eco-Pod is a temporary vertical algae bio-reactor and new public Commons, built with custom prefabricated modules. According to an article published in Design Magazine, the pods will serve as bio-fuel sources as well as micro-incubators for flexible research and development programs.


In a ‘pod’ robotic arms continually re-arrange the pods, which are powered by the micro-algae that is being produced, to ensure that the growing conditions for the each pod are always optimized.

Many experts believe that algae has the most promise as a way to produce a significant amount of biodiesel or green gas. Some of its advantages include the ability to grow in vertical structures or non arable land, doesn’t need fertilizer and uses little water.

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