October 11, 2009

New Energy Solution Emerging for Warfighters

FORT BELVOIR, Va., Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Defense Energy
Support Center announced a contract award to Solazyme, Inc., San Francisco,
for a technology advancing requirement for algae oil derived F-76, an energy
fuel the U.S. Navy is scheduled to use in its alternative fuels testing and
certification program.

The estimated $8.5 million dollar contract represents the continued commitment
by the Department of Defense to move toward an environment of energy
independence and the use of alternative fuels.

"This is an important first step with algae oil derived alternative fuels,"
said Kim Huntley, DESC's director. "Not only are we helping the Navy meet its
energy security and alternative fuels objectives, this contract also
demonstrates the continued successful partnering of DESC with our warfighter
customers to help them meet their emergent energy needs."

The awarded Solazyme contract evaluates a technology developed by the company,
which uses new advances in genetic engineering to stimulate various strains of
algae to produce a diesel fuel that is an alternative to petroleum produced
from crude oil. The company will produce 20,055 gallons of the product that
will meet the specifications of F-76.

"DESC is partnering with the Navy to move this alternative fuel demonstration
forward," said Mark Iden, deputy director of operations for DESC. "This
initiative also supports the DoD's desire to meet the intent and goals of the
Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Energy Independence and Security Act of

Iden added that these contracts will help DoD comply with the lowered
lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions requirements of these acts and will also
increase energy security by using domestic resources.

This contract is among others the DESC is awarding in support of alternative
fuels and energy sources.

Sustainable Oils, LLC, Seattle, was awarded a Hydrotreated Renewable HRJ-5
contract award for 40,000 gallons. This contract, valued at about $2.7
million, supports the Navy's fuel certification testing program of alternative
fuels. The fuel itself is produced solely from camelina feedstock.

"While these contracts are now awarded, we expect more to be announced
shortly," added Huntley. "DESC's mission is to provide the DoD, other
government agencies and our customers with energy solutions in the most
efficient and economical manner possible. With the continued growing
technology in the alternative fuels and renewable energy field, our energy
solutions continue to expand, and this first step with algae oil derived F-76
is an excellent example. We are moving forward."

The DESC is a field activity of the Defense Logistics Agency. As the
Department of Defense's combat logistics support agency, DLA is responsible
for providing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, other federal agencies,
and joint and allied forces with a variety of logistics, acquisition and
technical services. These services include procuring and distributing nearly
five million separate line items such as rations, medical supplies and
equipment, clothing and textiles, repair parts for land, sea and air weapons
systems and platforms, fuel and energy services. DLA is headquartered at Fort
Belvoir, Va., and employs 24,000 civilian and military personnel, with fiscal
2008 business revenues of $42 billion. For more information about DLA, go to
www.dla.mil. For information about the DESC, go to www.desc.dla.mil.

SOURCE Defense Energy Support Center

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