January 16, 2012

Israeli algae researcher says NAABB’s head spreading “distortions and misinformation.”

From Stefan Leu, scientific administrator of GIAVAP, and the AquaFuels Microalgal Biotechnology Laboratories at Ben Gurion University in Israel, we received the following:

“Being in the Algae field in Israel and partner of several recent and current European and Israeli algae projects, I am extremely disturbed by the level of disinformation provided by Dr. Jose Olivares in his interview on your site, which does in no way reflect the true state of affairs in European nor Israeli algal biofuels and biotechnology research

It is this kind of distortions and misinformation that lead to misconceptions and misunderstandings flooding the algae community.”

Dr. Leu has not yet responded to requests for details on specific examples of disinformation. While we await those, the first newsletter of project GIAVAP is available for free download and review, here.

Original post available here.

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Anonymous said...

Solydra story is opening a huge can of worms at the DOE LOAN GURANTEE LOAN PROGRAM. Its not just about the Solar loan guarantee program. Look at all the millions in fees collected by the DOE LOAN GUARANTEE PROGRAM with projects 20% completed. Also, an audit needs to be done on DOE GRANTS to individuals from the DOE that are now working in private industry. Very incestuous! There needs to be an audit on each individual loan program for amount funded and results!

The US taxpayer has spent over $2.5 billion dollars over the last 50 years on algae research. To date, nothing has been commercialized by any algae researcher.

The REAL question is: Does the DOE BIOMASS PROGRAM really want the US off of foreign oil or do they want to continue funding more grants for algae research to keep algae researchers employed at universities for another 50 years?

In business, you are not given 50 years to research anything. The problem is in the Congressional Mandate that says the DOE can only use taxpayer monies on algae research, NOT algae production in the US. So far, research has not got the US off of foreign oil for the last 50 years!