January 5, 2012

New Year’s Eve at Cape Harbour

When a new year rolls around, a lot of people look back on the year that was with a mix of reward and regret. Some things worked out perfectly while others could have been done differently.

For Steven Giffis, 2011 was nothing short of spectacular. Everything was just as it should have been for the long time Cape resident.

"All year has been great," Giffis said with a big smile on New Year's Eve at Cape Harbour. "I'm going to keep up the same thing because so far its been working."

There was little more than a few hours left in 2011 and Giffis was busy putting the final touches on his own party dockside at Cape Harbour.

Since the first New Year's Eve bash six years ago, Giffis has been been partying dockside. Stringing two boats together, Giffis goes all out, with lighting effects, music and lasers.

"It gets better every year. We have such a good time," he added.

Giffis, along with family and friends, was one of thousands that descended upon Cape Harbour for their annual bash.

With live entertainment provided by PUSH, spectacular fireworks and a ball drop, Cape Harbour is the party destination in Cape Coral to ring in the new year.

But the event also acts as a showcase for the development, which houses world class restaurants and boutiques that cater to all tastes.

David Stagman and wife, Sheila, owners of Islands, a tropical themed store at Cape Harbour, said the event is a prime opportunity to bring people through the doors of his business.

"(The event) does expose us to a wide range of people," he said. "It's a good will, family night and everyone has fun."

The event is possible, in part, because of the volunteers who make themselves useful throughout the night.

Max Givan was manning the parking lot for Rumrunner's, a Cape Harbour restaurant, who were booked solid all night long.

Givan works for Algae-X, a diesel fuel solution company based in Lee County.

Givan was thankful that Algae-X was able to survive the recession and he was looking forward to more positive growth in 2012.

"We've managed to grow through that period and I'm thankful for that," he said.

Glenda Swager from Realmark Realty, the company behind Cape Harbour, was happy that another successful celebration was held at the development.

Swager said that plans for next year's event will begin in June.

"It was just a tremendous turnout," she said. "Everyone had a blast."

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