November 18, 2011

Company pitches algae-to-biofuel plan

PASCO - Could Pasco County turn to algae as a fuel source?

One company says it should.

Pasco County commissioners got a demonstration about how algae could provide fuel, and a New Port Richey company called Culturing Solutions says they grow algae inside tubes to create it.

And they say we will be using algae-based biofuels in our cars in two to five years. It also says gas, diesel, jet fuel and heating oil will all come from algae eventually.

"Right now, we're using petroleum, which is algae from 200 million years ago, so what we're doing is we're taking the 200 million years out of the equation and going straight from algae to fuels," Culturing Solutions Dean Tsoupeis said.

The company also says algae can be used to produce products like nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

Pasco County has not decided if it will use biofuels in the county fleet.

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