November 18, 2011

Solazyme, Navy complete test of algae-based marine biofuels

In California, the U.S. Navy conducted a biofuels test on the destroyer U.S.S. Paul H. Foster by loading 20,000 gallons of a 50-50 petroleum and algal-based biofuel blend for a twenty hour trip from San Diego to Port Hueneme.

This test marks a successful milestone in the Navy’s efforts to deploy a “Great Green Fleet” of nuclear vessels, hybrid electric ships and other ships and aircraft powered by biofuels by 2016. Solazyme has played a large role in the Navy’s steps towards a greener fleet, delivering more than gallons 375,000 liters of mil-spec renewable marine diesel fuel, using advanced sugar fermentation, and jet fuel to the Navy in 2010.

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