November 16, 2011

Advanced Biofuels Project Database; 128 projects now tracked; 33 project updates in this (v 1.8) May 2011 release.

In Florida, Biofuels Digest is reporting that global advanced biofuels capacity will reach 4.368 billion gallons by 2015, up from 3.953 billion gallons reported in January, based on company announcements to date. Today, the Digest released version 1.8 of its free Advanced Biofuels Project Database, tracking advanced biofuels capacity for the 2011-2015 period.

33 project updates in eight countries

The new database, which is the quarterly update tracking new projects and changes in capacity announced since October, includes updates on 34 projects in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the US.

Companies updating their guidance include Algenol, American Process, Amyris, Aurora Algae, Avantium, BARD, BioGasol, BioProcess Algae, Borregaard, Chemrec, Chemtex, Cobalt, Diamond Green, Dupont-BAL, IneosBIO, KiOR, Lanza Tech, LS9, Muradel, Primus Green Energy, Solazyme, and Sud-Chemie.

Key projects and capacities

The database now tracks 129 advanced biofuels projects, and projects that advanced biofuels capacity will reach 694 million gallons in 2011, 1.577 billion by 2012, 2.574 billion by 2013, and 3.283 billion gallons by 2014.

The new projects are primarily pilots and demonstrations, notably the series of projects announced by Amyris, Solazyme, KiOR, and Algenol.

Major projects scheduled to come online in 2011 include: the Enerkem waste to ethanol facility in Alberta, the 8 million gallon Ineos BIO waste to ethanol project in Florida, the Neste Oil renewable diesel project in Rotterdam, and a 5 million gallon US Biofuels project in California.

Renewable drop-in fuels (renewable gasoline, renewable jet, renewable diesel, and biobutanol) remained steady at 59 percent of planned advanced biofuels capacity by 2015.

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